ERC Homebuilders, Inc. is a custom developer, designer and builder of “build-to-rent” homes.

There is a growing cultural, demographic and emotional wave being driven primarily by millenials. Many first-time and aspiring homeowners are seeking more space, privacy and a backyard without all of the responsibilities that come with homeownership. Additionally, build-to-rent homes make the dream of living in a single-family home a possibility for many people unable to purchase a home due to the financial pressures of a large down payment and student loans.

ERC Homebuilders, Inc. was established to address and fulfill the growing need for build-to-rent (B2R) homes.

We are a new business constructed by seasoned industry professionals with prior experience in every facet of ERC’s operations.

ERC Homebuilders has selected to launch our business in Florida due to the state’s current job and population growth. This is caused in part to great weather and zero state income tax. We target areas with strong corporate growth and appropriately priced land with access to schools, shopping and leisure activities.